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A Dream, A Voice: Colton Avery - The One

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When a young man came on stage with his guitar in Munich in March 2015 only a handful of people new him. The rest was present to see the Irish success-band The Script – famous through songs like Hall Of Fame, Breakeven or The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. „Hi, my name is Colton Avery“, he said through the microphone and within a few minutes even the last The Script fan was enchanted by his unique voice. Being a singer/songwriter, releasing albums and performing on big stages. A dream? – One that became reality for Colton Avery.

Of rockmusic, R&B and Soul - Colton Avery's beginning

Born in a small town of New Mexico in the U.S. called Farmington in 1990, he had one dream since childhood: to become a singer/songwriter, to fill stadiums, to make music. He says that he’s been crazy about music. At the age of 13 the first step was done: Avery started playing guitar: “That came naturally”, he remembers and adds smiling, “but singing did not.” Whilst he started testing his talent for singing his parents didn’t seem to be very happy about it: “My parents used to say, ‘Who is dying downstairs?’, when I would practice singing rock music.” Only if Avery dove into the genres Soul and R&B he got “anywhere”.

Colton Avery's first gig in Farmington - "It felt like..."

“Anywhere” was back then a sort of talent show in a little theatre in Farmington, where 200 people fit in. Colton Avery agreed on a friends request to take part – a short time later he stood in a slightly half-filled theatre with 50 people. “But it felt like the coolest thing in the world to me”, he recollects and smiles. In the same year he and his family moved to Arizona, what has been the best decision that could have been made for him in those days. “Arizona opened up so many doors musically that Farmington just didn’t have.”

Some years later in 2012 Colton Avery published his first studio album titled Waves. All in all, the production of the album took three months. However, he sat on the lyrics for some years, as he says. Twelve songs are on that album that was published in the end on the 13th March 2012. Cinderella - one of the albums songs - made it to the ABC family show “Switched At Birth” two years later. Another song – called Bella Luna and is not included on the album - managed to be the track in the background in an advertisement of the brand Denim.

„No Sound Without Silence“ – Colton Avery with The Script on Tour

Three years later Colton Avery wasn’t “anywhere” anymore. 2015 he made a huge step onto the biggest stages of this world – his step into public, his step into show business. Suddenly there weren’t only 50 people in front of the stage anymore, but some thousand. As the opening act for the Irish success-band The Script he didn’t only come to Munich. He accompanied the band on their „No Sound Without Silence“-Tour to Europe, North America, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. “The Script were just fans of my music and asked me to come along which was incredibly kind of them“, the 30-year-old says. Goosebumps. That's one of the words, one of the most fitting description he’s accompanied on a stage only by his guitar and puts all his feelings in his voice and songs. Nervousness? He doesn’t know that feeling, he says.

The Script infront of 70.000 people in Dublin – Avery as opening act before Pharell Williams hits the stage

The highlight of the tour leads The Script together with Pharell Williams and Colton Avery to Dublin. In Irelands capital the band fill the stadium called Croke Park with a capacity of 70 thousand. Avery was once again allowed to get the crowd in the mood for seeing the band. “Croke Park was special because it was…Croke Park”, he says grinning and one could think that sometimes he doesn’t believe it himself. “It was so electric. It’s an energy I won’t forget.” To play on the same stage as The Script and Pharrell Williams and “getting to watch them was just incredible”, he looks back. Following the tour Avery performed his self-written song Weatherman with the Script on YouTube.

Avery's second Album is going to be released 2020

Songs like The One, Weatherman or Murder didn’t stay single pieces for a long time. In the same year Colton Avery started working with DJ and producer Nick Romero. The song Take Me was released. 2017 his next song Religion followed, which has 3.3 million views on Spotify (4th March 2020). 2018 he released two more songs: Far Too Long and Fireproof, his most sucessfull song on spotify so far. It was streamed more than seven million times until now. 2020 his second studio album „Flint“ is going to be released. The first single Colorblind was released on 25th March.

Colton Avery isn’t „anywhere“ anymore nowadays. He reached the music business. He lives in London or Los Angeles, writes his own songs and some more for other musicians. „I had a dream and followed it“, he says with sparkles in his eyes. „No one saw this dream“, he says and adds smiling, „no one but me. I’m still just that small town kid against the world it seems sometimes.“

Text: Michelle Brey

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