I believe that...

 »If you’ll never try you’ll never know« 

– Coldplay / Fix You

»You can look back but don’t stare« 

– Take That / Eight Letters

»Wounds heal but scars still remaining the same«

– Eminem ft. Sia / Beautiful Pain

»Calling a dream crazy isn’t an insult. It’s a compliment.«

– Unknown

»Quitters never win, winner never quit« 

- The Script / Broken Arrow

»We all get lost on our way to the dream but we have to believe we're going somewhere better«

- Robbie Williams / Gold


I love football, writing and music.


After graduating from high school I started a training to become Management Assistent in Digital and Print Media (Münchener Zeitungs-Verlag). Silmultaneous I completed the Distance Learning Course Journalism (ILS - Institut für Lernsysteme). Since August 2019 I work as a freelance journalist for Ippen Digital (Münchner Merkur, tz). In October 2019 I started studying sport science in Munich. 

Besides that I combined two of my passions: writing and football. Since March 2019 I support the football department of TSV 1865 Dachau e.V. and do public relations on a voluntary basis.

In November 2019 I published my book "How To Survive Mobbing" (english: "How To Survive Bullying). I want to set a sign against bullying.

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